Outside Learning Space

Wednesday, 24 May 2017.
Outside Learning Space
The outside learning space that leads off of the main school library has been renovated recently, and we now have a selection of tables, benches with parasols and bean bags in the area for small groups of students to use.
These items have been bought from funds from the closing balance of the Friends of Notley High School (FONHS).  We would like to thank FONHS for their generous donation to the school. 

The library will be using this space at break and lunchtimes as much as possible, and a couple of events are currently being planned, the first being a "Big Games Day" on Tuesday 23 May 2017. 

Unfortunately, to date, we have been unable to gather enough interest in setting up a new PTA.  As the fundraising efforts really do benefit our school community, we would be very grateful if you could offer us your support for a PTA.  If you are interested, please contact Helen Thomson,helen.thomson@notleyhigh.com

If you wish to contact the person responsible for this page, please email helen.thomson@notleyhigh.com