Parks 3 Visit to Essex Dementia Care, Braintree

Thursday, 21 March 2019.
Parks 3 Visit to Essex Dementia Care, Braintree

On Monday 18 March 2019, six members of Parks 3 visited Essex Dementia Care in Braintree. Essex Dementia Care is a charity that runs sessions for people with dementia for entertainment, friendship and support. 

Everyone at the charity was very kind and welcoming and we had the chance to talk to some of the carers and the people that they help.

People arrive about 11am and stay until 4pm. In the morning, they do activities like puzzles and quizzes. After that they have lunch, do another activity and have a drink and cake in the afternoon before being taken home. On the day that we visited, their entertainment was karaoke. This was in full swing when we arrived. Everyone got up to have a little boogie, and others were singing and playing the drum rhythms.

We saw that they all got along with each other very well and were good friends. It was a really nice atmosphere and a very nice place to socialise with people in your older years of life.

Essex Dementia Care is a registered charity and relies on donations and grant funding to help maintain the high level of service that they provide. Essex Dementia Care is our house charity. Parks 3 will be holding some fundraising events during the Summer term to raise money for this worthy charity.

Lucy Chilver, Elizabeth Hanley, Ava Moylan, Joshua Henry, Fin Dawes and George Longstaff

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