Rock of Ages, the Musical

Published: Thursday, 07 March 2019.
Rock of Ages, the Musical

Back in the Summer term, we auditioned some wonderfully talented students for our musical, Rock of Ages and they were so brilliant that we decided to keep them all in the cast! Most of those students stayed dedicated to the creation of this performance and spent 5 months memorising lines, understanding the plot, getting to know their characters, as well as remembering stage directions, learning song lyrics and harmonies. On 27 and 28 February 2019, we were all very excited that ‘show time’ had finally arrived!

The story opened on Lonny Barnett, played by the wonderfully talented Teddy Thomas. He introduced us to the 1980s and Dupree’s Bourbon Room, the beloved bar run by Dennis Dupree and his waitresses, played by the brilliant Dominic Agutter, Alexandra Perrin and Fern Sayers. Throughout the show the ensemble did a fantastic job of creating this rock scene, setting the perfect back drop for our story of wannabe rock stars and love interests, Sherrie and Drew, played beautifully by Hollie Ratoff and George Malyan. Charlie Nicoll did an excellent job of playing rock god Stacee Jaxx who kept the audience guessing as to who Sherrie would choose, the rock star, or the wannabe! There were also stand out performances from Kayleigh Cutmore as the evil Hilda, Patrick Loveard as her son Franz, Natalie Elms as the lead protestor, Thomas Coulson as the Mayor, Cobi Filmer as Constance Sack, Kayleigh Graham as the produce Ja’Keith, Ed Crowe as Joey Primo and a budding young talent in Faith Kern as Justice Charlier. 

The development in every single member of the cast from the beginning of this process to the end was outstanding, even to the last dress and technical rehearsals they seemed to gain a real understanding of the importance of the discipline and professionalism needed to put on a successful show. We were extremely lucky to have such a kind and conscientious cast who have actually ended up becoming good friends despite the differences in years - the Lonny/Dennis bromance was all real! I am so proud of what they have achieved and hope that what students can gain from the arts is evident. Many thanks to all who supported the production, we hope you will continue to fill our theatre during future productions.

Additional thanks go to Mrs Whitnell, Miss Bailey, Miss Taylor, Mrs Hanna, Miss Freeman, Miss Mullen, Mrs Swann, Mrs Roper, Mrs Tyler, Ms Monro, Mr Burge, Jack Jordan, Mollie McGowen, Callum Ranger-Green, Milly Law, Charlotte James, Ben Rawlings, Josh Nicoll and Mr Pattie.

Congratulations Cast! George Malyan, Hollie Ratoff, Teddy Thomas, Dominic Agutter, Charlie Nicoll, Cobi Filmer, Kayleigh Cutmore, Patrick Loveard, Natalie Elms, Thomas Coulson, Faith Kern, Alex Perrin, Fern Sayers, Kayleigh Graham, Ellie Batchford, Ed Crowe, Eddie Harrison, Isabella Laithwaite, Alice Evans, Bethan Jarvis, Ruby Filmer, Abigail Wilson, Saskia Bowler, Emily Harbottle, Amy George, Katie Jezzard.

Miss L White
Head of Drama

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