Shannon Raymond - Jack Petchey Winner Oct 2016

Tuesday, 08 November 2016.
Shannon Raymond  - Jack Petchey Winner Oct 2016
Shannon was nominated for the award by one of her teachers for being a caring and conscientious student.

Shannon is a young carer for her mother who suffers from a condition that will only get progressively worse.

She copes with this very well, particularly as she has had her own health issues to overcome throughout the last year; even if Shannon was taken to hospital by ambulance she would be ready to attend and try again the following morning and she tried really hard to not let this affect her attendance and progress in any way.

Shannon and her mother do have a support network of family and carers but live together just the two of them meaning that Shannon does lots to help her mother at home. 

She is a real credit to both her family and the school.

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