The History Squad Visit Notley

Published: Monday, 04 February 2019.
The History Squad Visit Notley

On Friday 1 February 2019, we welcomed Kevin from the History Squad to a Year 11 GCSE history class. Kevin spoke about his experiences as a member of the British Military in Germany during the Cold War, and about policing across time, as after his military career he joined the Metropolitan Police. 

This visit was made possible thanks to class member Charlotte Hooks kindly donating her prize money from the Jack Petchey award towards something which could add a different dimension to their studies.

Kevin told the class about his interesting times patrolling in West Germany as a Military Policeman, not least his encounter on a frozen road with an East German policeman with a pistol and his subsequent rescue by a Russian tank commander. Later stories Kevin told were about Victorian justice and students were able to experience wearing handcuffs and look at other policing equipment from Victorian times.

Ms N Hill, Head of History

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