World of Work Presentation

Published: Monday, 21 January 2019.
World of Work Presentation

On Tuesday 15 January 2019, the Jobs Centre were invited to present to the whole of Year 8. The presentation was about careers and how to find the right job for us in the future.

The presenters talked about the different choices we can make for courses and the wages we can expect to earn in certain jobs. They interacted well with the students to get us asking lots of questions!

They also spoke to us about the importance of CVs. We were told what to include in a CV, like hobbies and personal interest and to remember activities that we have been involved in in and out of school, such as the school council, sports team and music clubs.

The presenters also talked about social media and the importance of making sure that our accounts are private so that future employers cannot see too much of our personal lives.

We really enjoyed the assembly, we learnt a lot!

Holly Farrell and Rachel Bateman

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