Year 10 Business and the Law Vocational Event

Wednesday, 19 July 2017.
Year 10 Business and the Law Vocational Event
On Monday 17 July 2017,  Year 10 students were introduced to the world of Law and how it impacts upon a business.

Our students looked at a real life legal dispute between a well-known fast-food multinational and a claimant who was seeking damages against the company for gross negligence.  Year 10 students judged the case from start to finish and then they took the role of the judge and calculated how much damages the court would award against the multinational.  Having done this, the students then took the role of business leaders working within the multinational in order to consider how the company in question should change its day to day business practices in order to not be held liable again for such a dispute.

Student feedback on the event was positive and the students in particular enjoyed the fact that the case material was real. They also found it interesting and eye opening to see how a legal case could have such an impact on a business.  The aim of the event was to show how closely the worlds of law and business are linked and this aim was fulfilled in a way that was informative and realistic. Thank you to the Year 10 students that took part so enthusiastically.

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