Year 11 Revision Day

Thursday, 02 November 2017.
Year 11 Revision Day

Year 11s started this half term by getting prepared for their public exams this summer. With mock exams approaching quickly, students spent the day focusing on effective revision skills for the key subjects of Maths, English and Science, as well as taking part in a workshop with The Life Skills Company.

The workshop covered twelve key revision techniques as well as the principles behind them, and students were encouraged to try each of these for themselves in order to be able to choose their own preferred methods. 
We were delighted with the feedback from students, which showed that when asked to rate the workshop out of 10, 4 1%  rated it  at10 , 64% rated it  9  or higher and  85%  rated it  8  or  higher and 92% as 7 or higher. Some comments from students included: 

‘It taught me new revision techniques that I would never have thought of doing’ 

‘ Very useful and has given me more ideas how to revise and increase my chances of a higher grade’ 

‘ I liked that it showed many different techniques that we can use and it also gave examples of each of these’ 

‘ We were taught HOW to use the techniques’ 

‘The opportunity to trial many different revision methods and find the best ones for me’ 

‘Methods were creative, presentation was confident, all students were involved’

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