Year 7 Careers Day at The College at Braintree

Published: Thursday, 04 July 2019.
Year 7 Careers Day at The College at Braintree

On Monday 24 June 2019, all Year 7 students went on a trip to The College at Braintree to experience activities within different job sectors to have an idea of what we might like to do.

We were put into different groups when we got there and started to head off to our first activities. My first activity was going around a job fair. I experienced how to get a patient breathing/prepared for surgery, talked to a robot and also had a chance of using a pair of virtual reality goggles.

I learnt about dental nursing, where we recapped on how to clean our hands and brush our teeth. My favourite session was electrical engineering because we had to screw light boxes onto walls and wire them up correctly.

On the trip I did electronics, business, wood tech and team building activities outside. In business we learnt how to talk to a robot. I also learnt how to do CPR. In the physical activities, we learnt how to cross a river on two ropes and how to make a tight rope. In technology, we learnt how to make a picture frame and how to use the saw. I think the day was really useful and everyone could have learnt something from this day out.

At first we went to a careers fair where people spoke about how they do different types of jobs. We also got to talk to a robot, ask it questions and it would answer us. Then we went outside to do the public services activity. We had to create a rope bridge. I was my group's team captain. Then afterwards we did a walkie talkie activity where we had to communicate with each other. Last but not least, we went in the carpentry room where we made photo frames and painted them.

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Written by Year 7 students

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