Year 7 Challenge Champions

Published: Monday, 15 July 2019.
Year 7 Challenge Champions

Some of our Year 7 students were invited to become Challenge Champions this year.

This involved a training session where students considered what it means to stretch and challenge themselves during lessons and with home learning, and were taught specific strategies to use in order to do so. They were also given the opportunity to consider their future goals. These students have since been challenged in lessons by their teachers to push themselves further and extend their learning. Recently, the Challenge Champion students have worked hard at writing 1000-word essays on a choice of topics including protecting the environment, space exploration, artificial Intelligence and animal welfare. The essays were informative and a real pleasure to read, showing fantastic research and writing skills and the ability to work independently on a challenging piece of work. We are very proud of their work and achievements and they should be too!

Miss R Freeman

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