Year 8 raised over £700 for PARC

Published: Tuesday, 25 September 2007.
Year 8 raised over £700 for PARC

On Wednesday 19th September Tara Roerig came in to school to talk to the year 8 students about the charity that she works for called PARC.

The year 8 students had raised over £700 for PARC by taking part in a Talent show where the students had to pay to enter and parents and friends had to pay to watch.

They also had a charity lunchtime event where each tutor group organised there own stall to try and raise as much money as possible.  There were a variety of stalls from pillow fighting to throwing sponges at teachers!!!

Tara thanked all of the students for their hard work and said that the children that the money will pay for a new sensory room for the children that she works with and that they will benefit immensely from the generosity of all concerned.

I would like to add my thanks and congratulate everyone concerned for raising so much money in such a short period of time.

Mr Keith Ferguson
Year 8 Manager

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