We use numeracy every day of our lives, in cooking, shopping and various other activities. We don’t always realise that we are using the numeracy skills, but they are fundamental to day to day living. For this reason it is crucial that every student will learn the numeracy skills that they will need in the future. 

Shown below is an activity from the numeracy booklet that Year 7 students have previously completed. The booklet is designed so every student can both access part of the work and be provided with a challenge. It allows students to use numeracy skills that they have developed within school and apply it to a different context. The engaging story line of a Quest through an Island disguises tasks intending to practise skill needed for their future. 

Year 7 and 8 students have also completed some maths across the curriculum challenges this year to help them understand the ways that they use maths in many of their subjects.  

Year 11 and Sixth Form students also have the opportunity to be maths mentors with younger students to both support their mathematical skills, and to provide support and interest in maths to our younger students. 

Mission Booklet Page 1Mission Booklet Page 4

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