Drama - Introduction

Drama - Introduction

The Drama Department aims to provide a dynamic, creative and inclusive curriculum experience for students within a safe and productive learning environment where students can expect to be encouraged and challenged.

Drama is about:

  • groups coming together and learning how to work as a team
  • individuals learning about themselves and the world around them
  • the ability to communicate clearly through movement, voice and song and even silence
  • the unique balance between imaginative freedom and self-discipline required to tell a story to any audience
Over the course of a topic the progress of our students is monitored and assessed in each lesson. At the end of a topic each student will know their current grade and what they are working towards. At the end of each academic year the department evaluates the work covered to make sure that the curriculum is kept fresh and relevant.

There are a rich and varied number of activities for students to get involved in with drama clubs offered for all the Key Stages. It is essential that drama students see live theatre so we organise a variety of trips as well as regularly sharing work within the department.

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