Drama Curriculum Overview 2018

The grid below gives an overview of the curriculum for this academic year.

Year 7

Drama is a vital part of the students’ learning experience at Notley. It enables the students to develop the ability to communicate and work together.

We believe in the holistic development of the child and so whilst it is important that the students do improve and hone their performance skills we place a lot of emphasis on the students developing skills for life, our main five being; Creativity, Communication, Empathy, Independence and Confidence. The curriculum exposes the students to a wide range of drama genres from Melodrama through to Physical Theatre. By the end of Year 7 they are well placed to move into Year 8 where they will continue to develop their knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Year 8

In Year 8 the students study more play texts such as Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Willy Russell’s Our Day Out. Drama skills and knowledge are deepened with an emphasis on creating atmosphere; this can be seen through our Harry Potter and Genre schemes of learning. Drama techniques are also developed through all topics and improvisation and movement sessions encourage pupils to use imagination when attempting to create dramatic meaning.

Year 9

During this year pupils continue to develop communication skills through group discussions, debates and practical, but they also begin to investigate more challenging themes and issues through the process of Drama.

Using a range of drama techniques pupils confront and explore social issues and themes such as prejudice and racism.

Pupils are expected to reveal a more mature approach to each other’s opinions and are given opportunities to experiment with challenging theatrical styles, such as surrealism.

This year’s course has been designed to utilise the skills developed in previous years, whilst providing a link with the GCSE course looking at both script and devised work as well as undertaking written evaluations of performances.

Year 10

The GCSE Drama course (exam board Eduqas)) is a dynamic and varied course which allows the students to expand their knowledge and understanding of theatre through the ages. In year 10 the course introduces the students to different theatre styles and practitioners. These workshop style sessions feed into Component 1 where they must devise their own piece of work for performance, create a portfolio detailing this process and then complete a written report evaluating the final performance. In Component 2 they study a text and then perform extracts from this to an external examiner and finally Component 3 is a written examination based on a set text and live theatre review.  In Year 10 we run a mock of each of the Components which serves to prepare the students for Year 11.

Year 11

Year 11 sees the students complete Components 1 – 3 and is a very exciting and intense period of study. Their Component 1 devised performance is in October with the practical Component 2 examination falling in March/April. The students complete their Component 3 written examination in the June series of exams.

Over the GCSE course students are given the opportunity to attend a number of theatre trips to provide a resource for their live theatre evaluation and are presented with workshops by external companies to aid their development in specific performance styles and as revision of the set text.

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