Academies are required to hold certain policies and other documents by law.  This section of our website lists our key school policies for information. 

The local governing body has responsibility for reviewing and adopting school policies, and the NEMAT trust board has responsibility for any trust-wide policies. 

The following trust policies can be found here

  • NEMAT Capability Procedure
  • NEMAT Charging and Remissions Policy
  • NEMAT Code of Conduct
  • NEMAT Complaints Procedure
  • NEMAT Cover and PPA Policy
  • NEMAT Curriculum Statement
  • NEMAT Data Protection Policy
  • NEMAT Discipline and Dismissals Procedure
  • NEMAT Equality & Diversity Policy
  • NEMAT Equality Policy
  • NEMAT Flexible Working Policy
  • NEMAT Gifts and Hospitality Policy
  • NEMAT Grievance Procedure
  • NEMAT Leave of Absence Policy
  • NEMAT Local Government Pension Scheme 2014 Discretions Policy Statement
  • NEMAT Pay Policy
  • NEMAT Performance Management Procedure
  • NEMAT Policy for Managing Serial and Unreasonable Complaints
  • NEMAT Probation Procedure
  • NEMAT Recruitment Procedure
  • NEMAT Redundancy and Restructuring Procedure
  • NEMAT Retention and Deletion Policy
  • NEMAT Risk Management Policy
  • NEMAT Sabbatical Policy
  • NEMAT Sickness Management Procedure
  • NEMAT Staff Dress Code
  • NEMAT Time Off in Lieu Policy
  • NEMAT Whistleblowing Policy

Click on its link to view the relevant policy; if further details are required, or you wish to obtain a printed copy then please contact the Head of Communications, Administration & Governance Professional Services, Mrs Helen Thomson

If you wish to contact the person responsible for this page, please email helen.thomson@notleyhigh.com