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We introduced the buddy system in September 2023. This allows the students in interact with each other from the induction days onwards. The buddy system will be used to help to reduce the anxieties felt by some students when starting at Secondary School. We understand how daunting the transition can be and feel it is important they know all of our students were in their position once and felt exactly the same.

Every Year 6 student is allocated a Year 7 or Year 8 student from our school to act as their buddy and help with the transition programme.The buddy programme offers a great support network for the new students and acts as a ‘go to’ person when they are unsure of something or have a question that they need to ask. The buddies are fully briefed on how to look after the new students and know to inform a member of staff of any concerns that are raised with them. Hopefully they will also become a new friend but more importantly will be a friendly face that they already recognise before their first day in September.


My name is Grace, and I went to Notley Green Primary School. I am in Year 7, and I will be your buddy when you start Notley High School in September. I am very excited to be your buddy and I will help you settle in.

You don’t have to see me too often if you don’t want to. I will be there to greet you and answer any questions you may have.

I am sure you will enjoy secondary school, you will be able to do lots of different subjects and go into different room, like art and science labs. My favourite subject is geography because I like learning about tsunamis, earthquakes and map symbols.

You might not know this yet but there is a huge field at the back of the school, where we play football, rugby and rounders, we also have tennis courts and basketball courts and a massive sports hall too. There are also lots of after school clubs too you can do.

I hope you are looking forward to coming to Notley High. Thinking back now, I was nervous before I came to the high school because it seemed so big, and I thought I would get lost. There are loads of nice teachers to help you if you can’t find your way round, and me. I am sure you will love it.

Enjoy your last term of primary.


My name is Quincy, and I went to John Ray Junior School. I am currently in Year 7, and I will be your buddy when you start High School in September. I am so excited to have asked to be your buddy. You don’t have to see me often if you don’t want to, but its nice to know you have someone to talk to.

You’re going to really enjoy Secondary School. My favourite subjects are art, English and drama. I feel I can be myself in these lessons.
There is also a huge field where you can hang out and play football, rugby and other fun sports.

What are you excited about? Do you have any worries? When I first came to Notley High School, I was worried, but I made lots of new friends! I hope you are excited.

Enjoy your last term in Primary.