Examination Results

2018 Exam Results

In the summer of 2018, at GCSE level, 66% of students achieved grade 4 or higher in both English and mathematics GCSE, and additionally, just under 70% of all GCSE grades achieved by students were graded 4 or higher. 43% of students gained at least a grade 5 in both mathematics and English. 18% of all grades achieved were 9-7 (or their previous A*- A equivalent). Additionally, 51 students achieved at least three 7s or higher (or equivalent grades such as A/A*).

Some very strong A Level results were achieved which reflect the continued efforts of students and staff over the duration of their courses. Over 94% of all grades were achieved at A*-E grades, with 39% of the results being the highest grades of A*-B which is an improvement on last year’s figure of 34%.

Braintree Sixth Form also celebrated excellent International Baccalaureate (IB) results in July 2018, with 100% of the Year 13 IB cohort passing the qualification at an average points score of 31 which is above the world average figure of 29.

David Conway, Headteacher of Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form commented in August 2018, “Braintree Sixth Form was set up to offer all local young people a progression route to university and other post 18 career options. It is great to see so many of our students achieving excellent grades and continuing on the next steps of their education and careers. With an increasing intake to the sixth form, we are delighted to be able to offer all the students in Braintree the opportunity to take A Levels and progress to university, college and career-based options. The results today are very well deserved by the students who have worked very hard and have been ably supported by both their teachers and parents and carers. Congratulations and good luck to them all”.

Key Stage 4 (End of Year 11)

Progress 8 -0.16
Attainment 8 46.9
Percentage of pupils who have achieved a strong pass (grade 5 or above) in English and maths at the end of KS4 43%
Percentage of pupils entering for the English Baccalaureate (EBacc). To enter the EBacc, pupils must take up to 8 GCSEs or equivalents, across the 5 subject ‘pillars’ of English language and English literature, maths, sciences, a language and history or geography 32%
EBacc APS Average Points Score, across the 5 pillars of the EBacc, of pupils who have achieved the English Baccalaureate. 4.01
Percentage of students staying in education or employment after key stage 4 Pupil destinations - 2016 leavers 94%

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