School Improvement Plan Key Priorities

School Improvement Plan Key Priorities

Summary of School Improvement Plan Key Priorities 2018-19

Leadership and Management

  • Implement the Independent Learning Policy
  • Introduce the “Pledge Passport”

Quality of Teaching and Learning, and Assessment and Outcomes

  • Introduce “Resilience” to the KS3 Curriculum in order to:
    • Prepare students for the demands of linear courses with terminal exams;
    • Equip students with strategies to cope with pressured situations;
    • Help students to adopt a “Growth Mindset”.
  • Review and implement new KS4 Options offer
  • Implement new KS5 Course/Subject/Level Offer
  • Introduce a new target setting and tracking system based on Attitude to Learning grades
  • Improve outcomes in the following areas:
    • Raise Progress8 score to +0.25
    • Raise Attainment8 score
    • Basics measure
    • Raise the achievement and attainment of disadvantaged pupils
    • SEND
    • The more able

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare of Students

  • Strengthen the impact of Vertical Tutoring and the House System on removing barriers to learning so as to improve achievement and attainment;
  • Continue to promote higher levels of student independenceand resilience.

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