Learning Support


The Learning Support Department will encourage the development of differentiated materials, for either end of the academic spectrum.

Students with Individual Needs will be identified to all staff. An up-to-date register of these students will be kept within the school, in line with current practice.

The Head of Learning Support will liaise with other members of staff to develop individual programmes and provide regular access and feedback for parents.

The Learning Support Department will provide a base and resources for students who require intensive support. All staff are invited to utilise these resources.

The Learning Support Department will carry out their responsibilities and duties with regard to the Code of Practice.


"The purpose of education for all children is the same; the goals are the same". (Warnock Report 1981) A great deal has changed within education since the Warnock report was published, however, the central tenet behind those views is still a major influence on our ideals today.

The Learning Support Department is committed to providing full access to the curriculum for all students wherever possible. Facilities exist to assist students who may need extra support on a temporary or long term basis to achieve this goal.

Within a comprehensive school there will be particular students whose needs will require assistance for them to fully achieve their potential. The range of `need' will include basic weaknesses in literacy and numeracy, behaviour and emotional difficulties and medical and sensory conditions. Support and encouragement is also important for the more able student within each year group.

Within mainstream education it is widely accepted that there will be a small number of students that will require support throughout their school careers. In addition to this group there will be others who will require some extra provision at certain specific times.

Educational Support staff aim to meet the needs of these students with both in-class support and in small targeted groups.

Within a large school population there is no clear demarcation in the continuum of Special Educational need. There are not two easily identifiable groups and no obvious cut off point with regard to need exists. Promoting the view that all staff and all departments have responsibility to their students irrespective of their abilities is, therefore, a key component to the Support Department's work. The raising of awareness and the development of differentiated materials and teaching approaches will be of benefit to all students whether requiring support or not.

The Department welcome contact with parents and carers whenever possible and contact of a formal or informal nature is encouraged. This liaison is beneficial to both parents and teachers and helps to monitor the success or otherwise of the strategies currently in use.

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