Speech & Language Centre - Introduction

Speech & Language Centre

"Language is the Key to Knowledge"

What is the Notley Speech and Language Centre?

The Speech and Language Centre (S.L.C.) is part of the Learning Support provision of the school. It is a specialist centre set up to meet the needs of students who have the ability to cope with a mainstream secondary curriculum but who have a specific significant speech and/or language disorder.

We Offer:

  • County provision for children with a specific Speech and Language Impairment.
  • 20 places for secondary school children.
  • Specialist assessment and teaching by teacher and speech and language therapist.
  • Varying levels of classroom support. Some subjects require more support than others.
  • Withdrawal for individual and group work within the Centre.

Students' Difficulties May Include:

  • Remembering what has just been said following instructions.
  • Being easily confused by words with similar meanings or sounds.
  • Slowness in responding to language.
  • Being poor at acquiring and retaining vocabulary.
  • Organising what they want to say and finding the right words.
  • Conversation which may be either stilted or rambling.
  • Selecting the correct sounds and putting them in the correct order when speaking.
  • Other, associated literacy difficulties.

How Our Students Describe Their Difficulties:

  • "It's really hard because you know the word and cannot get it out".
  • "It's like a storm in my head".
  • "I sometimes don't know what they are trying to say".
  • "My ears have radar to somebody else".

Student Comments on Working in the Speech and Language Centre:

  • "We get support in the lessons we find hard".
  • "In exams we get 15 minutes extra an hour to give us thinking time; depending on your ability you can get someone to read and write for you".
  • "Every year you increase your understanding. I know that the work gets harder but you get used to the pace of secondary school life. You get more confident. I can now do a class presentation".
  • " We go out on visits. For instance, we went to Kentwell Hall; that was fun".
  • "It probably feels like they nag you, but when you look back over the past it does help".
  • "You get support from the older students in SLC, - they know what it is like".

Students in the SLC benefit from the academic and social opportunities that a mainstream school can offer, whilst also having the intensive support and help they need.

All SLC pupils belong to a tutor group in the main school and we encourage them to identify and take part with this group.

It is our aim to provide a supportive environment, where all students will take part in all the challenges and experiences of a mainstream school.

How Do Students Gain a Place?

Students need to have received a statement of Special Educational Need.

It is important that serious consideration be given by Year 5 if the assessment procedure is to be completed in time. An up to date report from a Speech & Language Therapist is also very useful.

Admissions will be the responsibility of the Local Authority.

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