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  • School-Based Counsellor
    School-Based Counsellor

 Mrs J Morton-Brown School-Based Counsellor

I lead the school’s counselling service, and I am a senior accredited member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy. I have been working as a counsellor for over 10 years and have particular experience with children and young people. Combining my academic knowledge with first-hand experience, I deliver the Youth MHFA course and tailor-made CPD sessions to other schools and organisations on topics surrounding emotional wellbeing and mental health.

The school-based service brings counselling to students in a place that is familiar, safe and secure. If students are able to receive the right emotional support at the time, they will have a greater opportunity to work towards their full potential.

I also work with other members of the wellbeing team to deliver group therapeutic interventions such as; the Girls Self-Esteem Project, HOPE Project, Shine Project and the Boys Self-Esteem Project. All interventions are aimed to support the emotional wellbeing of our students by building their self-esteem, resilience, and emotional intelligence.

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a way of supporting students with personal issues and difficulties. It gives them the opportunity to increase self-awareness and helps them understand their own worries, as well as developing strategies to cope with change. Students may see me for a variety of reasons, such as bereavement, self-image and self-esteem, relationship issues, anxiety and stress, gender and sexuality, feelings of loneliness and isolation and generalised feelings of unhappiness.

Please speak to your child’s Raising Standards Leader if you have any queries.

Mrs Jo Morton-Brown
School-Based Counsellor